Friday, June 18, 2010

Very superstitious...

While recently working on a story about superstitions it occurred to me just how many of them I actually obey. Not on purpose mind you but they have been so ingrained into my psyche that I just accept them as 'rules you do not break'. For instance I never open an umbrella inside. It's bad luck. I never walk under a ladder. Also bad luck. I would never intentionally break a mirror. That's seven whole years bad luck. If I spill salt I toss it over my shoulder. If a black cat crosses my path I slightly alter my direction. I'm not sure but I have a feeling I avoid walking on cracks because that wouldn't be fair on my mum. I never buy white lilies for a patient in hospital and I never take a photo of a sick person. It's amazing how many of these little rituals I follow when I really start to think about it. Do I really believe I can prevent bad luck by avoiding these seemingly minor acts? What is 'bad luck' anyway? Is it really possible to affect fate in such a way? While it's hard to comprehend that opening an umbrella indoors will really cause bad luck I still won't do it. It's almost impossible to find the logic or truth in any of these superstitions and yet I guess I still more or less believe them. Afterall who would want to cause themselves bad luck anyway? Following these superstitions seems like a small price to pay considering the alternative.

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