Sunday, October 24, 2010

beauty of the day

Today is in complete contrast to yesterday. I usually love fresh rain on the city streets but the low clouds, imposing humidity and general crankiness in the air, are all a bit suffocating. In an effort to bring back a little sunshine I'm posting the photos I took yesterday. I live about 5 minutes from Sydney Harbour and often go on makeshift picnics with the fella and the fur baby.

Whenever I read this I feel both happy and sad. It is such a lovely gesture. I didn't know Jan Grimaldi or her dog Milly but sometimes when I sit here I can't help but wonder about them. I mostly think about all the time they must have spent together and what they must have meant to one and other to inspire such a beautiful memorial. And I wonder about the dates because sometimes when two hearts are so closely bound, one cannot live without the other.


  1. yayy sydney bloggers!
    you have a great blog, keep up the good stuff

  2. That car on the table tripped me out on first glance & that bench looks like a delightful place to sit and let life go by :)