Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Good Night Song

I need a little piece of your sunshine
To guide me down this bleeding hallway
A handheld torch so I won’t trip
Over the dismembered bodies lying in my way
I have snakes in my bathtub
Dogs and bears in and under my bed
Blackness staining my eyelids and lashes
And rats running wheels in my head
The suffocating walls around me
Do nothing to hide my nakedness
My cheeks scratched and pink as roses
My fingernails sharp as claws
I’m still not quite ready
I can’t pounce like the neighbours cat
I am not willing to fall from great heights
I'll just sit here unmoving in checkmate
Let me know when it’s all over
Then maybe I could get some sleep
And I wouldn’t have to listen to the darkness
That is making the floorboards creak
I’m basking in your radiation
While you speak so softly to me
Another war, murder, tits and ET
Oh God, how I hate this late night TV.


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