Tuesday, March 22, 2011

a beautiful journey...

The Remarkables/ Broadwater/ my sister and nephew/ The Daintree/ Cairns/ Loire Valley/ Queenstown/ Borneo

Have you been on a beautiful journey? Tell me about it, don't be shy.
We travel swiftly across the sea
Side by side and fancy free
Dodging waves and parting water
Moving through mountains and volcanic mortar

Laughing at trapdoors and hopping quicksand
You and me forever, hand in hand.

© Juliette Gillies


  1. There was this one time last year, mid week, recently returned from a beautiful European summer and suffering from post travel depression. Spring was on it's way in, the sun shining but still a nip in the air. My two (un/self employed crazy) sisters and I walked to the dodgy corner shop in our daggiest outfits to get burgers and chicken schnitzel rolls. We laughed at how amazingly out the box our life was then hoed into our fatty sandwiches and strolled home, laughing all the way.
    It was beautiful!


  2. You have such an amazing relationship with your sisters. You're very lucky. Thanks for the story. It's the littlest things that make life shine. xx

  3. Driving home from a beach holiday. The sky hit dusk and there was this amazing blood red moon that rose up like a deity. I was tanned and happy. My eyes were heavy and I fell asleep to Springsteen tunes.

  4. Eating crepes all over Paris and southern France. Driving to Amboise, but maybe not back. Bumping passengers with our bags accidently. Spending each moment with the love of my life in the most beautiful and romantic city in the world. Our beautiful journey continues everywhere.