Thursday, March 3, 2011


Kingfish & prawn at Graze.

Garlic bread at Danks Street Depot.

Shellfish consomme at est.

Baked eggs with feta and garlic chives (homemade).


Organic scrambled eggs with Sonoma soy & linseed bread, ricotta and avocado at Four Ate Five.

Whisky & tea cured salmon at Grasshopper.

Prawn and chilli spagettini at The Commons.

Chocolate waffles at Coco Cabano.
French lentil, apple & feta salad (homemade).

Bluefin tuna at harbourkitchen&bar.

Prawns with spring vegetables (homemade).

Morrocan eggs at the Life Organic Restaurant.
Rum balls (homemade).

I thought I'd do a quick post about food. I'm starting a 3 day juice detox from Urban Remedy tomorrow and I'm already anticipating that I'm going to suffer through it. I eat out A LOT and really like my food but the idea of the detox has already made me do a quick analysis of what I'll miss most (yeh I know it's only 3 days but it's also only juice for 3 days...).
1. Coffee (my love, my passion)
2. Avocado (I love you squishy green heaven. Especially as guacamole)
3. Cheese (cows milk, goats milk, brie, feta, cheddar, roquefort, parmesan- I cannot choose between you)

Wish me luck!

All images © Juliette Gillies


  1. You've done the rounds hun! All looks so delicious I could write a story about my drool for every dish here but I wont. My PMS apetite wants to eat this ALL in one sitting.

    <3 four ate five. How was Dank St Depot?

  2. Oh I've done the rounds baby ;)
    Danks St Depot- good food, average scatterbrained service (understaffed perhaps?). xx