Thursday, March 10, 2011


Elegantly Wasted .............................................. ...Purple Haze

Veggie Burger and Curly Fries

Hopscotch anyone?

I adore that all these new small bars are popping up in Sydney. Already a Pocket regular I was very excited to discover that the Darlinghurst team have just moved the cocktails even closer to home with their new endeavour Stitch. As with Pocket these new digs are cool and laidback with friendly, unpretentious service. No door bitch; no angry bartender; no glaring, distracted waitresses. All the things I usually hate about going out in Sydney are absent. It’s fun too. On our recent visit my BFF bravely tried out the hopscotch painted on the floor but my boots threatened to land me on my ass so I resisted. BFF, the fella and I happily slurped down cocktails feeling cozy and relaxed in our candle lit booth. We could still chat over the rhythm and blues tunes. The cocktails were well mixed, the beef burger juicy and the veggie burger delicious. I'm in love with the curly fries but I'm playing hard to get... I’ll keep on coming until it gets too popular to grab a seat.

All images © Juliette Gillies

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  1. Nice write. Fries look way too ah-mazing for my asses own good