Monday, July 4, 2011


My latest job contract recently ended and like all responsible adults with bills to pay I spent my last paycheck on a little spree. I'm not that prone to sprees but everyone likes to spoil themselves every once and a while.

I love these Tony Bianco boots. They are really comfortable even with the 10cm heel. I don't usually wear a lot of brown but these look great with black stockings.

This is a cheap skirt I picked up for $40. I really love the buttons on the side. Maxi skirts are great but not when you are 5'3... The buttons on the side let you alter the length. Love it.

I've been wanting a new pair of platforms but haven't been inspired by the hooker stilettos making the rounds of stores at the moment. I actually only tried these Calvin Klein shoes on so I would know my size and be able to buy online but they were so comfortable and easy to walk in I couldn't let them go. I'm in love with them- they are unusual, pretty and very wearable.

I have a bit of a sunglasses addiction (and an amazing ability to lose their screws). I've just added this Ralph Lauren pair to my collection. They are elegant and a bit retro.


Since my liver problems last year I have switched to mostly natural products. I love the Elemental Herbology range. It is not only great for my skin but it smells delicious.

These cabbage flowers are everywhere at the moment. They don't smell unfortunately but have this interesting, alien look about them. I will say the bunch I bought had six of these bad boys and they are HEAVY. Selective vases only :)

I feel massively vacuous with this post but there is no denying that I am a good little capitalist...


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