Thursday, August 4, 2011

since i left you...

When I go out I am seeking an experience. I want amazing drinks, great food, good service and stylish design. The full package. Well, I've finally found it.

Since I Left You, named for The Avalanches song, is the new kid on the block of small bars. Never one to exaggerate, I love this bar. It has a classy, old world appeal, housed within a gorgeous Art Deco sandstone building complete with cobblestone carriageway. I love that they have chosen to utilise one of our great heritage buildings instead of one of the many ugly as all heck modern monstrosities vomited onto our streets.

There is such a good vibe here. It's small, intimate and friendly with great tunes and great barmen. The interior is pretty cosy so I prefer the outside section. The cocktails are mostly fruity (not really me) but never one to pass up some moonshine, the fella enjoys the XHOOCHX. It's all elderflower, vanilla and kiwi and is a vivid green concoction The Exorcist prop department would be proud of. I'm a margarita girl and they make a mean Maggie here with the perfect amount of sour vs. delicious. They also have an extensive wine and beer list. I love that they have Monteith cider- I actually prefer it to the Swedish ones that can be too sweet. The food is good for a snack or light dinner. I love the Piquillo peppers stuffed with goat's cheese and the fella is addicted to the Schulz Smokehouse Wagyu (poor happy drunk cows).

By the way, if you happen to wander over and it is at capacity then have a chat to the doorman for 10 minutes. He is awesome. Be patient and you will be rewarded. Or if you don't want to be patient and want to be a prick then there are plenty of places on George St just perfect for you (you know where I mean). Otherwise come and have an 'Adam West' (an appropriately pink shooter), a laugh and a really good time with the civilised folk. xx

Since I Left You
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