Monday, September 12, 2011

hols... familiar...

So the hubby finally has a holiday break after 90 hour weeks for months. We were meant to be going to Tokyo however life has decided to get in the way and our usual caution to the wind attitude has been scaled back. Firstly we need a new laptop and secondly we are desperately trying to buy an apartment before January 2012 (thanks Barry...). So the overseas holiday is on hold making way for the holiday at home! We are fortunate to live in the city so we have Sydney at our fingertips. There's going to be a lot of sleeping in, eating and too much drinking. How will this differ from the norm I hear my friends say? Well, we are also playing tourist in our own city trying new bars and restaurants, taking some daytrips, spending some time in the Blue Mountains and we might even make a side trip to Melbourne if it says something to impress me. We are also allowing ourselves a small spending spree budget to cover new clothes, extra booze, rugs and cheese :)

Happy hols to us!

To kick it all off Bloodwood-

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  1. Sounds delightful. Soak it up...I wanna hear all about it. Love look kinda (a lot) hot with a toothpick in your mouth