Monday, September 19, 2011

mountain high...

So we finally got away to the Blue Moutains this week staying at a lovely cottage in Wentworth Falls. It was such a flash back to when we used to be able to visit several times a year. I feel like I half grew up in the mountains and I didn't realise how much I missed being away the last few years. There have been quite a few changes (especially to the roads- what an exercise in patience...) but it still feels like a home away from home. I'm a bit of a mountain girl at heart and love it even more now Leura Garage is serving some seriously good cocktails. Vesper Martini anyone?

Llama or Alpaca? You win a hug.

Crazy city people dining outside. It was so cold they gave us blankets...

I love a B&B that provides Magnums. Heart you Jim & Toshi!

Snapped this right before it gave me a good stare down with fark off eyes.
We wanted to stay but alas back to reality... At least on the way home we were prepared to battle the unending 40kmph roadwork zones with an old fashioned chocolate milkshake and freshly baked pretzels from Conditorei Patisserie Schwarz. It's the little things. xx

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