Friday, November 4, 2011

don't tell your mother...

"Don't tell your mother that we're leaving her
 Don't tell your father we may never return
 And kiss your little sister while she sleeps
 Don't think I'll tell mineshe'll never let us leave

 I'll tell those fuckers that I work for to go to hell
 All the people who thought they knew me so very well
 And Josephine, I don't love her anymore


 We'll leave our things behind for friends and family
 We'll roam like gypsies along shores of silent seas
 There'll be no reason to be frightened or sad
 There'll be no wishing for the things we never had

 You'll tell those fuckers that you work for to go to hell
 All the people you thought you knew so very well
 And Josephine, I don't love her anymore


Lyrics- Husky- 'Don't Tell Your Mother'
Images- LeLoveImage

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  1. I love the impression this leaves with me. Gives me ideas.

    I can't wait for Husky to perform this one live.