Sunday, May 6, 2012

diary/ april...

I am pretty glad April 2012 is gone. My mum was in hospital again with another cancer scare which, was horrible and makes my heart jump in a painful way every time. Then I got really sick with my gallbladder acting up so I couldn't visit her, which had me crying in between waves of stabbing nausea. I was confined to the couch on a diet of apple juice, water and SAO biscuits for nearly three weeks. Nothing cheered me up. Thankfully mum has now gotten the all clear. Other low points include- hubs almost cutting his finger off, my dog being sick, studying, not having any of my writing picked up and the major leak in our apartment through one of the light fixtures and subsequent half removal of the bathroom ceiling (that is still yet to be repaired). Highlights- my mum getting the all clear, Easter, time with my family and friends, my brother (by another father and mother) getting his citizenship and my dog cheering me up by being cute (i.e. all the times he wasn't vomiting on the bed or rug). Sighing a bit but also cherishing the good stuff.
Peace! xx
[images- Good Friday @ Sokyo/ slice and dice/ shots/ Easter Sunday/ Sossi & me/ Hendrick's with mum/ cut and paste/ Pisco Sour/ to and from the hospital/ sick/ all clear/ Anzac Day/ Jo Malone/ foiled/ citizen/ dinner at Cafe Sydney with my family/ getting tippy/ Chiswick with my parents/ awful presentation/ snoozing ♥]

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