Tuesday, June 5, 2012

diary/ may...

May 2012 was a bit hectic and filled with birthdays (hello cake, goodbye money). Our nephew turned three. We celebrated Mother's Day and my Mum's birthday. My brah by another ma and pa also had his birthday. So much wrapping paper... I was still feeling pretty unwell earlier in the month and had three major assignments due. I managed to get them finished but it took a lot out of me. It was Eurovision, which I love and have been watching religiously for about ten years. Sweden won! Actually I preferred Denmark's entry but that's just between you and me. There was a Supermoon. All the leaves started to fall off the trees. We ate and drank too much as usual. I started a couple of art projects including some of the paintings below to take my mind off gruesome things such as money and real estate. I don't have any art training so they are okay I guess. I had a horrible art teacher at school who was super unsupportive so even though I really liked painting I quit in Year 10 because I thought I must have been crap. It was only later at uni, when I needed extra credit and did art theory at summer school, that I had a brilliant art teacher who taught me that individual expression is never crap. That's why you should always try to believe in yourself, most other people aren't going to bother. This is something I need to remind myself of constantly. Peace x
[images- winterfell/ Bread & Circus/ design Matrix/ Pop by me/ pirate/ mexican/ margaritas/ Coco by me/ Bec Sandridge & Husky at OAF/ napping/ Mum & me/ Supermoon/ hubs/ minty/ gnocchi at Booth St Bistro/ wine & cheese/ Japanese/ have a heart/ Mum's birthday/ Eurovision/ let them eat cake]

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