Tuesday, July 3, 2012

diary/ june...

June 2012 was filled with bad weather, board games, movies and music. I became a Godmother for the first time (no wings though, that's only Fairy Godmothers). I started a photography course at ACP which has been pretty great, and I have learnt a lot (like how to adjust my aperture and turn down my flash- geez). I'm now officially set on manual and hope to produce some worthwhile pictures soon. I have felt very disappointed in myself the last few months for losing sight of what it is I originally set out to achieve nearly two years ago. And I guess it has taken me being punched in the face repeatedly by life and suffering at the hands of my own muddled/ irrational decision making to realign my chakras and begin to focus on what is truly important to me. Writing. Hubs bought me an iPad a few months back to create my 'masterpiece' and it is finally out of it's packaging, apps are downloaded and so far I am midway through two screenplays, one novelette and an article. I'm beginning to feel alive again- more like myself than ever and am slowly getting my confidence back. I have to thank the unending support of my family, Woody Allen and William S. Borroughs. Finally breathing. Well sort of. I, naturally, have a cold at the moment. Peace x

[images- Whale watching at Bronte/ Black cat/ Trivia Pursuit wars/ tiny feet/ Alpine/ Matt Corby @ The Metro/ My Sweet Memory/ Espolon Amigas!/ Shakshuka!/ Me and John/ "I want your ice-cream" eyes/ RocknRolla/ St Moritz/ Mugging for charity/ proud Godmother/ shooting/ lunch with Mum & Dad/ when two favourites combine.]

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