Wednesday, November 14, 2012

diary/ october...

October 2012. Things were okay and then came the slap. Cancer, rejection and a funeral. Both my brothers and my parents overseas. Crying to myself. Saying nothing, feeling everything. We held each other up but as usual I'm the bridge even though I'm smaller. I built myself that way and it's alright because I can take it. Halloween came and then there were some smiles even if they were painted on. That's it. More than enough. Peace x

[images- Beastman @ Darling Quarter/ Toby Schmitz S+S/ crepes/ my favourite girl and a day at the art gallery/ LV art event/ Mr Wongs/ sharlotka/ Husky @ OAF/ our nanna/ after the goodbye/ margaritas in the daytime/ it's a dog's life/ skeleton friend/ me @ Jurassic Lounge/ my love/ skeleton me/ harvest dinner/ boo me]

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