Thursday, March 7, 2013

LV forever...

I don't often post about fashion but the Louis Vuitton F/W 13-14 Ready to Wear collection (shown in Paris) was beyond spectacular. Now anyone who knows me also knows that while I love fashion I rarely spend the big bucks and I have far too erratic a personality to have proper fashionista style. "I wearz watz I likez" and sometimes that might be Calvin Klein petrol coloured stiletto pumps, more likely it's my black Havanas but sometimes it's my Louis Vuitton biker boots. The top part of me is normally still in its pyjamas with a cheap pleather jacket thrown on top if I'm going somewhere fancy... However that may be why this new offering appeals to me so much (though it's a little higher end than I could hope to afford).

Anyway here are my chosen highlights from the show. I adore the lace, hemlines, the plunging necklines and old world elegance of these pieces. Did I mention the coats? The coats are simply what dreams are made of.

Kate Moss closed the show and I know she has received some criticism but VA VA VOOM! I think she just gets better and better. She has that certain 'Je ne sais quoi'. That one in a million, unflappable superwoman appeal. Indescribable, desirable and forever.

Also, they have this new technology called 'video' where the images move and dance across the screen in front of your eyes. It's the bomb. You can watch the 'video' of the show here.

[images via video via Louis Vuitton]

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