Monday, May 31, 2010


Ice like noise
Injects me,
Fills me with
That rush
Of the coldest heat
Up my veins and into
My brain
I hug it, caress it,
Love it tight.
Invisible snow
Suffocating me
And I welcome it
With arms outstretched
Like highways
In winter
And I enjoy
All this freezing
Of me.



Sunday, May 30, 2010

Of Wolf and Man- Metallica

Dark Blue

The moments just before sunrise are the worst. My eyes wide open. My mouth so dry I cough almost choking.

In the darkness my thoughts race uncontrollably and in minutes I live a thousand lives. Stuck to my sides my arms feel heavy and broken. My body sweating in the crisp, early morning air.

Through the black lit fog around me, my mind creates strange dark figures that hover around my bed. I can't quite focus on them and I try to will them away.

The laden palm of slumber pushes into my chest. Too tired to wake. Too awake to sleep. I lay still and quiet until daybreak caresses my forehead.


Blue Skies

For a moment, complete stillness.

The only stirring in the midday air, the hum of green cicadas and the softest patter of little white cat feet chasing lizards in the garden.

The sun sits, perched high overhead in the flawless blue sky. The warm rays tanning my shoulders, turning the hair on my arms blonde.

Then, I feel the wind take a large, expansive breath before releasing a long firm exhale. Strong enough to rattle the leaves off the mountainous surrounding trees.

The subsiding breeze is full with the rich scent of eucalyptus and sweet smelling sap. I gaze around fondly, admiring the illumination and the bright green hue.

Sighing I admire the simple beauty of mother nature at my doorstep.


wolves eat sparrows

Wolf or sparrow?