Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Last week I travelled down to Melbourne for the Formula 1 Grand Prix. We stayed on the 27th floor of the Crown Towers which was stunning and easily the best hotel I have stayed at in Australia. Hubs had arranged a dozen long stemmed red roses for the room on arrival and they also comped us sparkling wine and chocolate- score! Race day was an interesting experience what with the going deaf from the F18 fighter jet and the cars (even with earplugs- please forgive me eardrums!), sitting out in the sun all day and paying $6 each for a bottle of water. It was still fun though and I was psyched Jenson Button won (go McLaren!). Most importantly the food we had in Melbourne was amazing- NobuMr Hive and Greenhouse by Joost all get my thumbs up and a big thanks from my happy belly.

[images- flight/ touch/ view from our room in Crown Towers/ stems/ with compliments/ Orange Cointreau cake at Ganache Chocolate/ giddy up/ me eating of course/ Wagyu gyoza and black cod in miso at Nobu/ the tickets/ Ferrari/ Grand Prix/ Alaskan king crab and snapper at Mr Hive/ hanging out in alleys/ my new Converse/ Louis Vuitton/ chalk/ silk/ fish/ coffee and grinding my own oats at Greenhouse by Joost.]

Friday, March 9, 2012

will knit for tattoos...

I am kind of obsessed with tattoos. When we were in Amsterdam we stopped by the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum.

We had intended to get inked but we hadn't really done enough prep. We settled on some merchandise instead. We're heading back in November so we might pay them another visit.

[images- Amsterdam Tattoo Museum, RockyMusictattoo finder, pain tattoo]

Monday, March 5, 2012

da dam...

Still posting my trip to the Dam. I figure it's no more boring than the poetry I write. Incidentally Amsterdam is at the top of my list of overseas relocation cities. Love it!

[images- Sucre, me in Vondel Park, Sama Sebo, The Royal Palace, Cafe George, L&B Whisky Bar, morning coffee, wandering the Red Light District, me again, skating at the Museumplein, rainy days, Restaurant De Kas, cats and cars]