Sunday, April 22, 2012


Do you ever find yourself in such a constant state of transition that you never stay still long enough to form a solid part of yourself?

I'm always so busy wanting to be something different in the future that I never spend any real time being me now. I'm so uncomfortable with everything about myself, wanting to change everything about myself, wanting to make other people happy with who I am, that I can never accept that who I am right now is someone worth being. I'm all mixed up with want vs should, consumed with things I wish I'd done, regret for missed opportunities and crippled by a total inability to focus on what needs to be done. I am so envious of people who have so much determination and drive to achieve their dreams. I want that but I don't think I have it. I want to breathe in wistful, youthful freedom but the wispy fog of inspiration clouds around me, only to be choked on and coughed out. My mother always told me I could be anything I wanted but as I get older I find myself becoming painfully aware that

Life is hard. You bend or you break.

I'm feeling a little broken right now and I don't know which direction I'm suppose to bend.

To everyone else who isn't me,


Peace. xx

[images- we heart it/ instead of sleeping]

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Feeling a bit random tonight and dreaming of tattoos, beauty and escape. Going to need to hit the open road soon and get some fresh air.

[images- Bohemian Chic/ Tumblr/ Yellowtrace/ Vogue UK]

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

come to the show...

Mark Ryden is one of my favourite artists. His work is creepy, gothic, dreamy and surreal. Highly stylised, I love the little worlds and characters he creates through his elegantly crafted images. J'adore!

The Fountain
Fur Girl
Inside Sue
Ghost Girl

[images- Mark Ryden]

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

diary/ march...

Yes, I have a DSLR camera, however I am currently addicted to Instagram. I know in the seemingly faraway future I'm going to regret capturing my memories this way but for now it's super easy and a lot more convenient than my almost 1kg Canon 60D. *future self sighs*

[images- lunch with my Aunty at Blackwattle Cafe/ kookaburra/ chocolate eyes/ chocolate dessert/ Matt Corby/ loving it?/ tiptoes/ lunch at The Duck Inn/ new Nadine Calor jewellery/ green tea cappuccino/ Grand Prix/ The Blocks/ Dom/ lunch with mum/ dinner at Six Penny/ bier/ tequila/ the garden]