Wednesday, July 25, 2012


So I have finally started to compile a proper photography portfolio. For the moment it is just a creative outlet because apparently I don't have enough of those to distract me from other things I should be focusing on... It is a work in progress and a way for me to develop and hone my skills, hopefully. Excuse the multiple self portraits- I'm currently the only person patient enough to put up with me behind the lens at the moment. However I am in the process of bribing volunteers. In any case you can check out all the action here (might of just built it up a bit there...) And feel free to leave any constructive criticism or feedback in the comments box below or email me directly.

My favourite feedback so far-

"It's not shit." D.A.

Thanks D.A. Big ups! Peace x

[image- me in my best t-shirt]

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


A little bit of my heart belongs to Bronte. My Grandfather grew up there and when he passed away we erected a headstone for him in the cemetery. The first time we went to visit I stopped by the beach first and packed some sand into a little glass jar. I buried it at the front of the headstone so that the beach he loved could be closer to him. This was only a gesture really as I was at the hospital when he died and saw him afterwards. His body looked empty and I believe his spirit had been set free back into our universe to either be reincarnated or add to the positive life force of the world. In any case whenever I visit Bronte I feel closer to him, which is both a blessing and a little bittersweet. I don't know what it is exactly but the road down MacPherson Street, the cemetery and the beach feel like a hug. Like big, open arms welcoming me home.

I spent a really nice day there recently. Hubs and I made our way along Anzac Parade and past the massive expanse of Centennial Park. We parked and had lunch at Three Blue Ducks. We window shopped and watched some cheeky birds steal grapes from a grocer's fruit stand. We bought Iggy's bread and even though we were already full we managed to chomp down two sourdough rolls (best bread ever). We walked through the cemetery taking photos, visited the grave of Henry Lawson, and my Grandfather's headstone. I don't know if you have been to Waverley Cemetery but it is a beautiful cemetery that sits on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Hubs and I sat down to chat for a moment and just happened to turn our heads at just the right moment to see a whale breach the water! It was quite surreal to be sitting amongst the graves and headstones, watching whales play in the sea.

I still think about my Grandfather quite often. We had an unspoken fondness for each other. We shared a love of photography and music. He loved to sing and I'll never listen to an ABBA song (or Rolf Harris for that matter) and not think of him. I remember the stories he would tell about when he worked for the picture theatre. And how he would offer us kids rather dubious looking old Minties from the car glove box as a treat. He used to sometimes wear a yellow skivvy and my Grandmother would yell at him when he came to the dining table in a singlet. He was an electronics man with a workshop and every kind of tool imaginable (though often broken or second hand). He let us kids use his pool table and his ping pong table. He loved birds and going for long walks. He had two heart bypasses and after the second he got very into Tai Chi.

He was at my 21st but died before my wedding and I'll always wish he could have seen me get married. I think he liked my now hubs very much and even gave him one of his old (broken) ukuleles. He would have adored our little dog and been fascinated with DSLR's. I think he would have probably joined Facebook.

The second last time I saw him I knew it was getting near the end and I said something to him I had never said but had always felt. It wasn't until for a brief lucid moment when he looked me in the eye and replied, "I love you too" that I realised that we had never needed to say it. We had both always just known. And I think that even if I never achieve anything significant in my life that he would of been proud of me anyway. I think he would have been proud of all his family.

[images- Three Blue Ducks/ Iggy's bread shop/ Waverley cemetery/ breach/ me- posing, not posing/ baby me & my Grandpa]

Friday, July 6, 2012

advance base...

Advance Base is the brain child of former Casiotone founder, Owen Ashworth. I absolutely love this music video. It is clever, a little sad but also uplifting (note the nod to classic 80's film, Say Anything). 'Summer Music' is from the album A Shut-In's Prayer and I highly recommend you give it a twirl. I am already super thrilled with all the happiness it is bringing to my ears.

[Video via youtube, you can purchase a download MP3 album (or old skool vinyl) here]

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

diary/ june...

June 2012 was filled with bad weather, board games, movies and music. I became a Godmother for the first time (no wings though, that's only Fairy Godmothers). I started a photography course at ACP which has been pretty great, and I have learnt a lot (like how to adjust my aperture and turn down my flash- geez). I'm now officially set on manual and hope to produce some worthwhile pictures soon. I have felt very disappointed in myself the last few months for losing sight of what it is I originally set out to achieve nearly two years ago. And I guess it has taken me being punched in the face repeatedly by life and suffering at the hands of my own muddled/ irrational decision making to realign my chakras and begin to focus on what is truly important to me. Writing. Hubs bought me an iPad a few months back to create my 'masterpiece' and it is finally out of it's packaging, apps are downloaded and so far I am midway through two screenplays, one novelette and an article. I'm beginning to feel alive again- more like myself than ever and am slowly getting my confidence back. I have to thank the unending support of my family, Woody Allen and William S. Borroughs. Finally breathing. Well sort of. I, naturally, have a cold at the moment. Peace x

[images- Whale watching at Bronte/ Black cat/ Trivia Pursuit wars/ tiny feet/ Alpine/ Matt Corby @ The Metro/ My Sweet Memory/ Espolon Amigas!/ Shakshuka!/ Me and John/ "I want your ice-cream" eyes/ RocknRolla/ St Moritz/ Mugging for charity/ proud Godmother/ shooting/ lunch with Mum & Dad/ when two favourites combine.]