Monday, August 13, 2012

Thursday, August 2, 2012

diary/ july...

So guess what? In July I was sick. Again. I'm a delicate fucking petal. 3 weeks of the flu is not fun but I'm becoming quite the expert. And it was actually a bit of a catalyst because it completely took me out of the game. The only things I wanted to do was watch movies and sleep but the only other things I was happy doing was taking photos and writing. So I'm back on the path of writing (or rather back on track?) and I have finally put together a photography portfolio at cargo collective called, What the Wolf Saw. I discovered that I really like taking portraits but mainly my photography is a creative outlet. We watched The Dark Knight Rises. I don't think we have ever been more excited about a film premiere. It was an awesome conclusion to Christopher Nolan's cinematic masterpiece. It also lead to me finally renting Bronson (heellooo, Tom Hardy). Nicolas Winding Refn remains one of my favourite directors. I love the dark little places his movies creep around in your mind. It was hubs birthday. As a surprise I took him on the hottest day in Winter to go iceskating at Bondi Beach. We gave up though as skating through an ankle deep puddle wasn't too appealing. We had tonnes of fun anyway- including the obligatory trip to Kingpin bowling, laughs with friends and lots of beer. That's it.Welcome Madame August, be kind. Peace x

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