Saturday, November 17, 2012

wolves of siena...

There are werewolves on the streets of Siena...

My Dad took these for me in Siena, Italy. Feeding my wolf obsession.

[images- 'Wolves of Siena' © Ray Gillies]

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

diary/ october...

October 2012. Things were okay and then came the slap. Cancer, rejection and a funeral. Both my brothers and my parents overseas. Crying to myself. Saying nothing, feeling everything. We held each other up but as usual I'm the bridge even though I'm smaller. I built myself that way and it's alright because I can take it. Halloween came and then there were some smiles even if they were painted on. That's it. More than enough. Peace x

[images- Beastman @ Darling Quarter/ Toby Schmitz S+S/ crepes/ my favourite girl and a day at the art gallery/ LV art event/ Mr Wongs/ sharlotka/ Husky @ OAF/ our nanna/ after the goodbye/ margaritas in the daytime/ it's a dog's life/ skeleton friend/ me @ Jurassic Lounge/ my love/ skeleton me/ harvest dinner/ boo me]

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

for billy...

For Billy

The razors edge
Hedged bets
Suck up
Vice gripped
Shredded bare
Keep smiling
At the rot of lies
Keep positive
As darkness
Dare not indulge
In a frown or
Crown of thorns
It is okay
Others say
It is okay
Don't complain
Hurt quietly
On glass
On nails
In the moonlight
Of your hatred
Tell everyone
You are fine
As the knife
In your back.

 © Juliette Gillies

[words by me]

Monday, November 5, 2012


Halloween. It's that day of the year when oiled gates creak, the wind whistles, doors slam and a Cherry Ripe counts as breakfast because it contains 'fruit'. I love Halloween. For me it's all about dressing up, watching horror movies, having fun and spending time with my family. On Halloween night we always have a harvest style dinner where we pay our respects and be thankful for what we have. On the nights surrounding the 31st we party and spook about being silly. Day of the Dead was definitely a theme for me this year mostly because I didn't have to buy anything to make my costumes. I'm not sure what that says about me... :)

Happy Halloween- I hope yours was suitably creepy. Boo! Peace. x